Plans for Christmas Flowers in Feniton Church...

I am not ready for this, but if I don't get a move on Christmas will come and go and I will not be ready. Also I will miss the Magazine deadline.


We have decided to do the same as last year, just green and white foliage with red or white candles. It worked really well last year, with lots of compliments on our arrangements. We can use any foliage, but Holly and Ivy would be really good. (A little red with the berries would be very seasonal). If you would like to give red or white candles instead of flowers we would be grateful and as last year if you want to donate one in memory of a loved one that would be a personal gesture we could incorporate.

We will be decorating the church on Saturday 17th December, in the morning but at any time to fit in with everything else that needs doing at this time of year. This will then all be in place for the Carol Service on Sunday 18th.

If you would like to join the team of flower people, please just give me a ring. You would be most welcome. I will be in contact with the regulars in due course.

The new rota for flowers in the pedestal on Sundays will be on the notice board on the left in the Chruch porch. Again, new faces are welcome. No special skills required. There is a small flower fund to help with the cost of the flowers. As usual we are most grateful to the ladies who give their time etc. to provide flowers on a weekly/fortnightly basis.

Maggie Pipe

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