Our annual church meeting duly took place on 12th March with a very small group of us present. I was re-elected as churchwarden and the PCC were re-elected en bloc with the very welcome addition of Lindsay Saunders who is now able to re-join us. We are sorry for the reason as we grieve Chris’s

death but welcome her back among us. We presented the 2017 Annual Report and Accounts and if anyone wishes to have a copy please let me know. They are a public document and I am more than happy to let you have one.

As I write we look forward to celebrating Easter both at the sunrise service in Feniton and also at our own service on Easter morning. The weekend concludes with the first of our whist drives on Easter Monday so we look forward to welcoming lots of people there.

Over the next few months many activities are taking place in church. We have two baptisms and two weddings over the summer and our main fund-raising event, our Quilt and Flower Festival. This takes place on 8th, 9th and 10th June when we hope to have a good display of quilts and flower arrangements in church. Details will follow but if you are a quilter and would like to display a quilt please will you contact Lindsay Saunders on 812962 who is co-ordinating the display. We will, of course, be serving refreshments all day and hope to welcome many visitors for what will be something of a new venture for us.

Given what we have raised so far and in hope of raising considerable funds over the festival, we are planning to replace our boiler over the summer. The old one is keeping going at the moment for which I am very grateful given the very cold weather we have had, and are having again at the moment – I am watching the snow fall as I write – but a much more efficient one will enable us both to economise and also to keep the church warmer which will be good for the fabric long-term.

Our patronal service is being celebrated on Sunday 6th May with a service at 11am to which you would be most welcome.

Judy Davis