On Maundy Thursday I was very privileged to go to a Passover Supper arranged by Rev Anne Mills in Payhembury. Along with many of the attendees I had never been to one before so had no idea what to expect. The whole evening was packed with symbolism from an empty place

laid for the prophet Elijah, through parsley, lettuce, horseradish, hard boiled egg and (edible) mud on our side plate to four pourings of wine in our glasses accompanied by bible readings, singing and a delicious meal. Anne explained it all to us and led us very clearly through all stages of the evening.

I am writing on Good Friday so we have yet to experience our meditation service this evening and the joyous celebration of Easter Day itself.

The last week of this month sees the start of our boiler replacement with the removal of the old one. The normal peace in the churchyard will be shattered by the erection of a sealed tent round the boiler room to contain the asbestos and the erection of a temporary shower and toilet block so that the workers can wash off any contamination. Hopefully it will all pass quickly and peacefully with no unforeseen problems so we can get on with the installation of the new boiler.

Looking at the churchyard, we seem to be having an influx of artificial flowers and other bits and pieces on our graves and cremation plaques. Our rule is that only fresh flowers should be on the graves so I think we may need to put up a notice to that effect. The last thing we want to do is upset people but it is a country churchyard and looks so much better with only fresh flowers – and of course we can compost them!

Judy Davis