Dear EFP church folk,
I hope you were able to enjoy yesterday’s VE Day commemorations, whether alone or able to link in with neighbours. The Rectory did its bit for brightening Station Road (see Picture of the Week).
Today’s EFP 'video service’ is from the Rectory garden (vicar complete with ecclesiastical headwear for the sunshine). 
Also attached -
(All documents also on googledrive).
Many people are more vulnerable through this time of restrictions. One group I have been especially mindful of, and concerned for, are those for whom home is not a safe place. We already knew that domestic abuse is more commonplace than we tend to think. The additional containment within the home, coupled with other pressures brought by this difficult period such as on family finances, will have increased strain on many domestic relationships. For some this may have tragically tipped into emotional or physical abuse, whether of children or adults. National measures sadly bear this out. It is clearly a difficult problem to attend to or even be aware of, due to the restrictions. The little document I’ve attached gives helpful practical advice, see the short 'Reach Out’ section about phone conversations. 'Safeguarding’ sounds formal, but it is essentially wise pastoral practice. If you know of anyone for whom you may have any possible concerns in this way, do get in touch with me, a warden, or safeguarding representative (See our Contact page for details of these).
If you are in need of help or support yourself, do get in touch.
Take care and God bless,
Team Vicar for Escot, Feniton & Payhembury, Otter Vale Team 
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