At the beginning of each year the church prepares a variety of rotas covering routine tasks such as church cleaning and flower arranging. As well as this we look for a team of people to help on a monthly basis to cut the churchyard grass.

The church cleaning is usually done with a pair of helpers who take on to do it for one month in the year and it would normally involve two visits within the month. I you volunteer we can always pair you up with someone who knows what has to be done.

Flower arranging is a one person task which is to arrange a pedestal of flowers, on a fortnightly basis, and this would also usually be one visit within the two weeks to check on them. There is a small flower fund which will help towards the cost of flowers.

The grass cutting is a team of helpers, meeting usually from March to October, on the first Saturday of each month between 9 and 11am (at the very latest) where the necessary equipment is provided.

If you feel that you could help with any of these jobs, whether you attend services or not, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

For further explanation of what is required and a detail of the tasks please contact:

Sheila Lanning (cleaning) 01404 850699

Maggie Pipe (flowers) 01404 850855

David Lanning (grass cutting) 01404 850699

Your help to keep our church appearing loved and cared for would really be appreciated.

Rev David Carrington and the PCC