Newsletter 39 – 23rd July 2015

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The next few days ….

Monday 7th September             -           First Day of Autumn Term / Half day for reception children

Tuesday 8th September            -           Half day for reception children


Wednesday 9th September       -           Half day + lunch for reception children


Thursday 10th September         -           Half day + lunch for reception children


Friday 11th September              -           Full day for reception children


Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents,

Another year completed, every July it feels just the same. Saying goodbye to our Year 6 children is very emotional. We want to see them moving on but we will miss them so much. They have been a huge part of this school for so many years. They really have been a wonderful group of children who have made our school feel very special.

Thank you to the parents who could make the leavers service today, it had a lovely family feel. The children were happy and the year 6 memories were tearjerkers. I believe I started crying from the welcome at the beginning. I even heard myself sob at one point.

Just a reminder to say the autumn term starts on Monday 7th September for the children but teachers and staff will be working from the 3rd September. If you have any questions please ring the office which will be manned both days (01404 841291).

The new reception class will be having short transition days;

Monday and Tuesday till 12.15pm
Wednesday and Thursday till 1.30pm
Friday is a full day.

My diary for the first week will be as follows:

Monday – Split day, Awliscombe- AM Payhembury- PM
Tuesday – Awliscombe all day
Wednesday – Payhembury all day
Thursday – Awliscombe all day
Friday- Payhembury all day

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff, this year has been full of challenges but they have all been incredible, determined and enthusiastic in providing the children with the best learning experiences.

I am very much looking forward to the fresh start in September and can’t wait to get going.

Have a fantastic holiday and I hope it’s full of happy times,

With regards,

Mrs Hammett

Notices to Parents

Letters Sent Home After School Club letter/forms, OSM Sports Partnership Newsletter,

Morning Routine – First Week Back – Please can ALL children meet in the playground between 8.45-8.55 am during the first week back (w/c 7th September 2015)

Breakfast Club – If your child would like to attend breakfast club during the first week back please can you e-mail the office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know. Forms will be sent out during the first week back.

After School Club – If your child would like to take part in the After School Club Mon-Wed w/c 7th September please either return your forms by Monday 7th September or e-mail the office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

School Meals – Forms will be sent out during the first week back. If your child would like a hot meal during the first week they will be able to order their meal as usual during class registration.

Swimming – There will be no swimming during the first week back in September.

School Uniform

We believe the school uniform looks very smart and gives the children a sense of belonging and pride in their school.

The children will need the following:








          Thank you


If you require any school uniform the school will be open on Friday 4th September between 9-1.30pm so please come in and collect.

Dates for the Diary

2014/15 Academic Year

7th September              - First Day of Autumn Term

9th October                  - Non-pupil day

26th-30th October         - Half Term

18th December              - Last day of Term

News From Payhembury Church

On Sunday there will be an All Ages Service at 11:00, so please come and join us before you all set off on your holidays. Have a wonderful rest.

A thought

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

Oliver Holmes

BBC, The Biscuit and Bible Club

BBC is a youth group which runs at The Rectory in Feniton on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. We meet for chat, chocolate biscuits and discussion for an hour. BBC1 is for years 7&8 meeting at 6pm and BBC2 is for years 5&6 meeting at 5pm. If young people are interested in joining one of these groups on a regular or occasional basis or want some more information please contact Rev Cate, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Community News,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNHjBTz2QkN1DqrXvqLlkBy-fTyq-Q&ust=1404319299954410">K E N T I S B E A R E   C R I C K E T   C L U B

Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th July

(Kentisbeare Cricket Ground)



A two day coaching camp that gives 5-11 year olds the opportunity to improve their cricket skills through fun games and activities!

For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Scott Chappell on 07590 724833


                                       Music lesson

spaces are available for children wishing to learn to play an instrument during the school day starting in September 2015

Instruments available: Clarinet, Flute, Cornet, Alto saxophone, Trombone, Keyboard/piano, Guitar (occasionally others - please ask)

Please phone the West Country School Music office on

07740 117227or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

for more information or to book lessons



Congratulations to

Karhys Flemington for being awarded the Moore Cup and Amelia Wadsworth the Moore Shield for contribution to the school and the wider community.

Imogen Blackman for being awarded the Garvey Cup for the best improver in KS1.

Jenson Goodland for being awarded the Adrian Shield for the best improver in KS2.

Flo Somers for being awarded the Thornhill Arts Cup and Aaron Langmaid the Arts Shield for demonstrating super skills in the many examples of Art and DT.

Cameron Bryson for being awarded the Sports Plaque and Charlie Vincent the Sports Shield for their contribution and continuous effort in all sports at Payhembury School.

Eloise Doble for being awarded the Wilson Cup and Max Millet the Wilson Shield for School Values.

Lydia Gammon for being awarded the Jeffery Cup and Tabitha Boland-Davies the Jeffery Shield for music contribution at school.

Olivia Vincent for being awarded the Wood Cup and Maddie Wooff the Wood Shield for Leadership.

Silvester McFadden for being awarded the James Cup for Star of the Year in Willow Class.

  Recept Yr1 Yr2 Yr3 Yr4 Yr5 Yr6
Parch Max Millett & Isobel Cann Sammy Hart & Amaya Duggan-Jones Marcus Wilkinson & Jessica Morris Tom Weekes & Grace Blackman Ethan Goodland & Rosie Morris Jacob Wadsworth & Katie Holmes Cameron Bryson & Eloise Doble
Star of the Term Imogen Blackman William Brainch Marcus Wilkinson Aidan Rogers Connor Williams Katie Holmes Thomas Mullin
Superskills in Art & DT Samuel Rogers & Grace Lusby Aaron Langmaid & Hattie Mullin Tom Stonex & Amelia Wadsworth Rupert Hammond & Grace Blackman Harlan Doble & Phoebe Boland-Davies Olly Churchill & Natasha Autherson Thomas Mullin & Flo Somers
Excellent effort and skills in sporting activities Freddy Brauer & Imogen Blackman Arthur Olney & Hattie Mullin Charlie Vincent & Maddie Wooff Henry Cann & Isla Bryson Lawrence McFadden & Alice Bosson Brooklyn Churchill & Katie Holmes Cameron Bryson & Lydia Gammon
Marvellous Musical Moments Freddy Brauer & Emma Williams Matthew Currey & Jaya Singh Tabitha Boland Davies Tom Fenwick & Alice Millett Sam Bentley & Abbey Stonex Will Bentley & Lucy Weekes Thomas Mullin & Lydia Gammon
Fantastic Attitude towards work Archie Morris & Isobel Cann Sam Elsom Silvester McFadden & Jessica Morris Henry Cann & Marcia Gower Sam Gammon & Rosie Morris Daniel Clarke & Isobel Boland Davies Jenson Goodland & Amelie Wilkinson
Best Improver Harry Bentley & Imogen Blackman Freddie Cann & Amaya Duggan-Jones Marcus Wilkinson & Roxy Spiller Tom Weekes & Ellie Vincent Charlie Elsom & Ellie Mullin Daniel Clarke & Beth Storey Barrett Jenson Goodland & Heidi Capel
Attendance 100% for the term Imogen, Isla B, Freddie C, Henry, Isobel C, Brooklyn, Olly, Charlie E, Sam E, Thomas F, Lydia, Sam G, Ethan, Jenson, Rupert, Sammy H, Aaron, Lawrence, Silvester, Alice M, Max, Jessica, Rosie, Hattie, Thomas M, Samuel R, Flo, Bethany, Charlie V, Ellie V, Olivia V, Amelia W, Jacob, Amelie W, Marcus and Connor
Attendance 100% for the year Isla, Charlie E, Thomas F, Sam G, Ethan, Jessica, Amelie W and Connor.