Rectory notes July 2020 – ‘Rock and wind’

For the first time in an age, I stepped with delight out of the car last week onto Dartmoor soil. In each place we’ve lived in Devon, I have found a ‘spiritual landscape home’ – here it’s up at Hembury Fort. But Dartmoor remains my home-of-homes.

Dear EFP church folk,
You will no doubt have read or heard yesterday’s Government announcement, that from July 4th public worship will be possible in church buildings again. We rejoice in this! See the Diocese’s news release at .

Well I guess none of us saw this virus coming our way. What terrible sadness and loneliness this virus has brought with it.  I do want to look more positively though and say what amazing kindness and compassion. People throughout the village have shown at this time of need. Helping with shopping, collecting prescriptions,

Rectory notes June 2020 – ‘Are we in control?’

I was 19 when I managed to turn a car on its side. I was doing voluntary work in rural South Africa at the time. I was following my boss’s van down a straight road, when the pick-up truck I was driving started swerving uncontrollably from side to side due to the ruts on the dry mud road. One moment I was careering

Rectory notes

Here’s a puzzle. We are more stationary at the moment than we’ve probably ever been: our time is corralled within our home’s boundaries. If we are permitted out, a trip to the supermarket is now an adventure to the horizon of the known world. Cross-country travel is as what inter-planetary travel once seemed.