Dear EFP church folk,
Two days, two emails...

On Sunday 30 August there will be:
1. Communion at Escot church 10.30am
  • Those from other churches are very welcome, whilst needing to be mindful of social distancing.
  • A reminder that face-coverings are required. 
  • Anne will kindly be leading the service.
2. Sunday Reflection and Prayer video, with a theme of forgiveness
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A prayer from this week -
Forgive us Lord, 
when we find ourselves 
trying to domesticate you; 
imagining that you are constrained 
by rules we understand 
or what we consider best. 
Help us always to remember 
that you are 
beyond our comprehension, 
and yet you love us 
and desire our love for you.
(from Bill Braviner @billbraviner)
Take care, God bless, and have a good Bank Holiday,
Team Vicar for Escot, Feniton & Payhembury, Otter Vale Team 
The Rectory